Public Employees Pension Plan Forms

Forms marked with an asterisk * are fillable. That means you can download and complete the form on your computer. Once complete, print and sign the form and send it to the Plan. In some cases you will be required to provide documentation along with your completed form.

Refer to   PEBA Acceptable Documentation for information on specific documents the Public Employees Benefits Agency will use in the administration of your request.


You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader  to view and complete any forms.


Canada Revenue Agency Forms

To complete these forms you will need the Canada Revenue Agency Registration Number for PEPP which is 0578179.

Please have your financial institution review their transfer form for completeness and accuracy. This will ensure they are aware of your wishes.

Complete this form to transfer your RRSP or LIRA funds into the Plan. See our PEPP Talk on Transferring Money into PEPP.

  T2151 E(16) Direct Transfer of a Single Amount under Subsection 147(19) or Section 147.3  

Terminated and Retired members can use this form to transfer PEPP funds to another registered retirement plan. This form is also used to transfer money from an RPP into PEPP.


Follow the link below for a full list of all Canada Revenue Agency tax forms.