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 Member Statement Available Online

Your Member Statement for the period ending September 30, 2021 is now available to you online through your PLANet account. If you haven't signed up for online correspondence in PLANet, sign up today! In the future, you’ll be notified by email when your statement is ready to view in PLANet.

The Public Employees Pension Plan

PEPP is a defined contribution pension plan. Your contributions and your employer’s contributions, plus any return on investment, will be used to provide you with income based upon the account balance you have built, when you retire. Your account balance is the number of units you have in each fund multiplied by the current unit value for each fund.

Latest News

October 15, 2021

Did you know PEPP offers member workshops?

While thousands of PEPP members have attended PEPP workshops in the past, we know there are many of you who haven't yet taken advantage of our member workshops. Here are some facts you may not know:

  • PEPP's workshops are tailored to your age and career stage – early, mid, or late career. There is also the ENJOY workshop for those of you lucky enough to be retired.
  • The workshops…Read More
April 14, 2021

Bond Interest Rates

Are you invested in either the PEPP Conservative Fund or PEPP Bond Fund? Knowing these two funds have seen negative returns in recent months, we want to explain why this happens from time to time.

Both the Conservative Fund and the Bond Fund invest heavily in fixed income assets. That’s why these funds tend to appeal to members who: 1) see capital preservation as a priority and, 2) have a low tolerance for equity risk. Also, these funds typically see relatively low returns and price fluctuation.

Walking the risk tightrope

As with any investment, each PEPP investment option has some level of short-term and long-term risk associated with it, including these two funds.

The difference between the…Read More

Planning To Move?

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