Employer Bulletins Archive

Employer Bulletins (2019)

  • Changes to PEPP Steps and temporary service interruption.
  •   April 2019

    Welcome back Jennifer and discover contribution limits for 2019.

PEPP Renewal Project Bulletins (2018/19)

  •   October 2018

    Detailed file specifications for the new PEPP administration system.

  •   June 2018

    An improved system to enhance your service from PEPP!

Employer Bulletins (2018)

  •   October 2018

    E-banking takes the worry out of submitting contributions on time.

  •   August 2018

    From time to time pension plans need to evolve.

  •   June Update

    PEPP’s Customer Focus Coordinators (CFCs) are here to help!

  •   April 2018

    One in three workers struggle with their finances.

Employer Bulletins (2017)

Employer Bulletins (2016)

Employer Bulletins (2015)

  •   December 2015

    Employees turning 71, Jennifer is ready to assist, Year-end housekeeping

  •   October 2015

    Enhanced Investment Choice, Contacting PEPP by email, Check Employees' Contributions, Exciting Summer for PEPP.

  •   May 2015

    Capital Pension Plan Members are joining PEPP, Use Electronic Fund Transfer to Submit Contributions, Annual Employer Information Packages, Summer and Seasonal Hiring Reminders, Use Your Employer Quick Reference Guide

  •   March 2015

    Check out our new website!, 2015 Maximum contribution limits, Bring our RICs to you!

Employer Bulletins (2014)

  •   April 2014

    New Presentation Available, 2014 Maximum Contribution Limits, Contribution Submission is Time Sensitive, Get More...Changes Coming Soon, Kickstart Your Financial Future poster.

  •   July 2014

    GET MORE Changes are coming...

  •   September 2014

    GET MORE Presentations, Help Your Summer Students and Seasonal Workers, Contributions While on Disability, So far in 2014

  •   December 2014

    Thank You, Contribute within the limits!, Holiday Season Office Hours, Planning Just Got Easier

Employer Bulletins (2013)

  •   March 2013

    2013 Maximum Contribution Limits, Remitting Employer and Member Contributions, Submitting Contributions-Fast, Easy and Efficient, Helping You Help Your Employees, E-Comm Paper Free Communications, Ready Set PEPP, RetireWithEase.

  •   May 2013

    Timing is Everything, Employee Address Changes, Annual Employer Information Packages, PEPP Contributions for Members on Disability.

  •   August 2013

    Small Pension Payment Policy Update, Farewell to Summer Students and Seasonal Workers, Welcome, We Respect Member's Privacy.

  •   November 2013

    Contribute Within the Limits!, Contribution Rate Changes - Keep Us Informed, Up-to-Date Information at Your Fingertips...Let PEPP's Guide Be Your Guide, Leave of Absence Contribution Options Form, Holiday Office Hours.

Employer Bulletins (2012)

  •   March 2012

    New Enrolment Process - Your Quick and Easy Guide, CFC Coming to a Desk Near You, Farewell Kelly, It Pays to Belong, Non-permanent Pension Choice Form.

  •   May 2012

    Using the New Enrolment Process, Securing E-mails to PEPP With Contribution Data.

  •   September 2012

    PEPP STEPS - Opening Opportunities, Farewell Summer Students and Seasonal Workers, PEBA-hosted InvestWithEase Presentations, Future Blackout.

  •   November 2012

    Contribute Within the Limits, Contribution Rate Changes, Up-to-Date Information, Holiday Office Hours.

Employer Bulletins (2011)

  •   March 2011

    Leave of Absence Contributions Need the Correct Code; Reminder: Account Adjustments Instead of Negative Contributions; 2011 Presentation Schedule.

  •   May 2011

    Checking in With Employers, Presenting...PEPP, What to do When an Employee Becomes Permanent, 2011 PEPP Presentations.

  •   August 2011

    Using the Work Absence Form, Help Out Summer Students and Seasonal Workers, Changes to Social Insurance Numbers, Check Contribution Limits Regularly.

  •   November 2011

    Contributions While on Disability, E-mailing PEPP When Submitting Contributions, Holiday Office Closures.

Employer Bulletins (2010)

  •   February 2010

    Employer Sponsored PEPP Overview Presentation, Investment Basics Presentation, Friendly Reminders.

  •   March 2010

    Making the Move, Enrolments Made Easier

  •   April 2010

    PEBA-hosted PEPP Overview Presentation, Contribution Limits and Voluntary Contributions, Filling Out the Enrolment Form.

  •   May 2010

    Leave of Absence Contributions, Employer Responsibilities.

  •   August 2010

    Tons of Terminations, Returning or Retiring after a Disability, Quarterly Bulletins.

  •   November 2010

    Check Contribution Limits Before December 31, 2010; Online Registration for PEBA Workshop and Presentations; Holiday Closures.

Employer Bulletins (2009)

  •   January 2009

    PEBA Hosted RetireWithEase Workshops, Introducing PEPP's Newest RIC, Yearly Contact Letter and Employers Quick Reference Guide, Maximum Contributions to PEPP, Small Pension Payments From PEPP.

  •   February 13, 2009

    Blackout Bulletin

  •   March 2009

    A Survey Thank You, Booking PEBA Hosted RetireWithEase Workshops, New Enrolment Kits Available, New to PEPP Access: Web Inter-fund Transfers.

  •   April 2009

    PEPP Eligibility Clarification, Notification of Pension Contribution Changes, Introducing New RICs, Request for Employee Code Information, PEPP Overview Presentation, PEBA Hosted RetireWithEase Workshops.

  •   May 2009

    Web Inter-fund Transfers, Changes to Employer Administration Fees.

  •   June 2009

    Up-to-date Forms on the Website, Coming Soon: Investment Basics Presentation, PEPP Overview Presentations, PEBA Hosted RetireWithEase Workshops.

  •   July 2009

    PEPP Overview Presentations, PEPP Steps: The Default Fund, Social Insurance Number Changes.

  •   August 2009

    Help Your Summer Students, Pension Issues May be Costly, Coming Soon.

  •   September 2009

    Change to Enrolment Process, Account Adjustments and Negative Contributions, Time to Check Out Contribution Limits, Cancellation of SHEPP Reciprocal Transfer Agreement.

  •   October 2009

    Change to Disability Procedures.

  •   December 2009

    A New Look, Change to Enrolment Process, Holiday Hours.