PEPP is a defined contribution pension plan. Your contributions and your employer’s contributions, plus any return on investment, will be used to provide you with income based upon the account balance you have built, when you retire. Your account balance is the number of units you have in each fund multiplied by the current unit value for each fund.

Your spouse is the beneficiary of your PEPP account if you die. Your spouse can waive this right by completing a Spousal Waiver form.

PEPP has Pension Information Officers that can assist you with any PEPP account inquiries. Retirement Information Consultants are also available to help with your retirement planning.

The following information is a brief summary only. It is not intended to be all-inclusive. For further information, please refer to your Plan member's booklet.

Type of Plan: Defined Contribution

Evaluating or choosing a fund based on unit values is not a good indication of how the fund is doing overall. For instance, on November 1, 2007 PEPP introduced several investment funds with a unit value of $100.0000. On the same day, the existing Balanced Fund had a unit value of $121.6630, while the Short-term Bond Fund’s unit value was $106.0753. This means that the Balanced Fund and Short-term Bond Fund will generally always have a higher unit value than the funds that started at $100.0000 on the same date.

PEPP offers you a number of resources to determine how each fund has performed and which fund may be best suited to you.

  1. Start with My PEPP Investor Profile to assist you in determining which fund may suit you the best.
  2. Review the Fund Fact Sheet for the fund you are considering.
    You will learn about the potential risks and returns associated with the fund.
  3. Review the Monthly Performance Bulletins to see how the funds have performed over various periods of time. Generally you will want to focus on the longer term returns since in most cases you should be investing over a longer time period.
  4. Please contact us. Our Retirement Information Consultants are available to assist you in the process of choosing an investment fund or answering any other questions you have.

Q1. What is PEPP doing to protect members from fraud or hacking of their online information?

Great question! There are a number of ways we protect your information. Your personal data is sent over the Internet in a minimum 256 bit encrypted format, using secure web servers, with the intent of protecting the data from access by others. The information technology infrastructure is current; the hardware and software are regularly updated; and the security is implemented in layers of protection, which are: maintained, upgraded, and monitored on a regular basis. We also have external IT security experts who perform ongoing testing of the infrastructure and applications.

Q2. What can I do to reduce my risk online?

You can reduce your risks online by using complex passwords (including letters/numbers/symbols and upper and lower case) and changing them periodically. Do not share your password and if you must write it down, ensure it is kept in a secure, private place.

Q3. Where can I find more information?

In order to ensure that you fully understand the risks and what we do to protect your information, we recommend you review the PLANet Terms of Use page on our website before using our online services.

Did You Know?

PEPP offers the Variable Pension Benefit and Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund as retirement options for members of the Plan.