About MEPP

The Municipal Employees' Pension Plan (MEPP) was established on July 1, 1973. MEPP is a defined benefit pension plan administered by PEBA. MEPP provides retirement benefits to the employees of school divisions, urban and rural municipalities, regional colleges, regional public libraries and other local authorities within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Purpose, Mission, & Goals


MEPP’s primary purpose is to provide retirement income and pension services to members.

Mission Statement

Provide secure and predictable retirement income to plan members.


Sustain the value of the Plan and the retirement income it provides. 


Commission Strategic Values


We are accountable to the members and the stakeholders of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan for our administration of the Plan. We operate in a transparent manner.


We strive for excellence in our administration of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan by being diligent and making informed decisions.


As trustees of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Fund, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. We strive to act always with honesty and in a manner worthy of the trust our members have placed in us.


We administer the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan in the best interests of all members of the Plan. We strive to ensure that our decisions are equitable for all Plan members by adhering to decision-making that is fair and open-minded. Our actions are courteous, considerate and responsive.


Strategic Plan Goals

The strategic goals for the Plan include:


  • Customer Service Excellence

    The Commission is determined to identify, assess, and implement opportunities where appropriate that add value to the communication and service provided to Plan members. 

  • Plan Integrity. 

    The Commission is committed to achieving the needs of Plan members and employers through affordable, sustainable Plan benefits and services. 

  • Governance Leadership.

    The Commission strives to demonstrate leading practices in pension plan governance. 

  • Transparent Accountability.

    The Commission informs the Plan’s members and stakeholders about its strategy, operations and values, as well as how Plan performance is measured, managed and reported.