No, there is no provision to designate a beneficiary under the Old Plan. Benefits are payable to an eligible spouse, dependent children under the age of 18 or your estate, always in that order.

During a period of leave, you must contribute to the Plan based on the salary immediately prior to the commencement of the leave.

  • Termination Notice
  • PSSP Pension Form
  • TD1 Forms (Provincial and Federal)
  • Common-law Declaration Form (if applicable)
  • Blank Void Cheque
  • Original or certified copies of your birth, marriage, and spouse's birth certificates (if applicable).


Any required forms can be found on the Forms page.

The following documents are required when a member dies:


  • Funeral Director's Statement of Death or Death Certificate
  • Spousal Pension Form
  • Birth Certificate of Spouse (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
    Copies must be certified as true copies of the original by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace. If death occurred outside of Canada a certified copy of the Death Certificate is required from the Department of Vital Statistics.
  • TD1 Forms (provincial and federal)
  • Blank Void Cheque


Any required forms can be found on the Forms page.

If you become employed with a Saskatchewan government employer after your retirement, your pension allowance may be suspended from the day the employment commences.

These are specific applications of this law:

  1. Permanent - If you become a permanent full-time employee of a Government of Saskatchewan employer, your pension will be suspended immediately.
  2. Non-Permanent - If you become a non-permanent or part-time employee of a Government of Saskatchewan employer, your pension will be suspended after you have worked 50% of the full-time equivalent in a fiscal year.
  3. Contracts - Many contracts create an employee/employer relationship resulting in the suspension of a pension.

If you enter into a contract, PEBA will require the following information:

  • start and end date of contract; and
  • a copy of the contract.


The purpose of the Public Service Superannuation Plan is to provide pension benefits to members.

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Plan’s administrator is to manage the Plan solely in the best interests of the members.


The Board’s business goals and the associated objectives are:

  • Financial Management, The Board provides sound financial management of the Plan.
  • Service Delivery and Communications: The Board provides excellent service to the members of the Public Service Superannuation Plan.
  • Performance Measurement: The Board evaluates the performance of the Plan’s service providers.

PSSP Facts

Public Service Superannuation Plan (PSSP) became effective May 1, 1927.