Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Under the Public Employees Group Life (PEGL) Insurance Plan, each participating employer categorizes and determines the employees and type of group life insurance coverage provided for its employees under the Plan. You must contact your employer to find out your coverage.


Basic coverage is equal to two times (2x) your annual salary.

Annual salary is rounded up to the next highest multiple of $500, if it is not already a multiple of $500.

Every employee can purchase optional coverage. Please check with your employer to confirm which options are available to you.

Under PEGL:


  • Spousal Coverage $10,000.
  • Dependent Child Coverage $5,000 per dependent child.

Your coverage under the PEGL Plan will terminate immediately upon termination of employment. You have the option to convert all of, or a portion of, your insurance within 31 days of the date of termination.

Yes you can continue your coverage when you retire. A member may elect to be insured under the Plan until age 65 for any amount of insurance up to that amount of insurance in effect immediately prior to retirement, less the value of the Retirement Death Benefit Certificate. Premiums are paid by the retiree.


RETIREMENT DEATH BENEFIT CERTIFICATE - Insured employees who retire at age 65 or prior are eligible to receive a $10,000 Retirement Death Benefit Certificate. The certificate is payable to the designated beneficiary(s) only upon the death of the insured retiree and has no cash surrender value. A Retirement Death Benefit Certificate Request Form must be completed by the retiree.

For employees to change beneficiary, contact your employer. For retirees, please contact PEBA, Benefit Programs.

An advance payment for an employee death benefit claim in the amount of $10,000 may be requested under the PEGL Plan. A written request for an advance payment is forwarded by your employer to the PEBA.


All advance payments are made payable to a designated beneficiary.

Group Life insurance coverage will remain in effect until the end of the month in which the retiree reaches age 65.

Yes you can continue Group Life insurance after age 65. A member may elect to be insured under the Plan until age 75. The level of coverage elected will decrease by 10% per year until age 75 at which time all coverage under this provision ceases. While the volume of insurance decreases by 10% annually, there is no corresponding reduction in premium rate. Premiums are paid by the retiree.