Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Under the PEDIP you are covered for work and non work-related disabilities 24 hours per day.

With the qualifying period to receive PEDIP you must be continuously disabled for 119 consecutive calendar days. In some circumstances in which an employee has been able to work only part-time due to their medical condition, they may be allowed to accumulate an 85 working day qualifying period.

Your benefit is 75 per cent of your basic monthly salary. Your basic monthly salary is your regular monthly salary (whether paid as commissions, paid as earned or paid on a deferred basis) excluding overtime pay and any other additional compensation.

The PEDIP benefit is taxable. It is paid on the last day of each calendar month by cheque or direct deposit to your bank account.

Employee contributions to pension, union (if applicable) and income tax will be deducted from your cheque. If you are receiving other income such as CPP disability benefits, WCB or auto insurance payments as a result of your disability, these are also reduced from your benefit. You must report other income to the Plan.

If you cannot perform the duties of your own occupation due to a disability, inform your employer as soon as possible. You must be under the care of a physician during the entire 119 day Qualifying Period and for the time you are receiving benefits under the Plan. Application forms are available from your Human Resources Branch, and once completed, should be submitted to PEBA before your 13th week of disability.

Disability benefits will terminate on the first date on which any of the following events occur:

  • you are no longer Occupationally Disabled;
  • you are no longer Totally Disabled;
  • you commence work at a Reasonable Occupation;
  • the date you fail to furnish proof of the continuance of Occupational or Total Disability, or refuse to be examined, when so required in accordance with the Plan;
  • the last day of the calendar month in which you turn 65 years of age;
  • the date you commence receiving a pension or retirement benefit from your employer;
  • the last day of the calendar month in which your death occurs;
  • the date you refuse to participate in an Approved Rehabilitation Program;
  • the date you refuse to take, continue or follow appropriate and recommended treatment for your disability.

Participating Employers

The Board of Arbitration under The Surface Rights Acquisition and Compensation Act
Cafeteria Board of Saskatchewan
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Office of the Children’s Advocate
Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan
Enterprise Saskatchewan
Farm Land Security Board
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
Legislative Assembly Service
Liquor and Gaming Authority
Meewasin Valley Authority
Milk Control Board
NDP Caucus Office
Office of the Ombudsman
Power Greenhouses Inc.
Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc.
Prairie North Regional Health Authority
Office of the Provincial Auditor
Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority
Office of Residential Tenancies
Sask Pork
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation
Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts
Saskatchewan Communications Network Corporation
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Saskatchewan Film and Video Development Corporation
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Saskatchewan Municipal Board
Saskatchewan Party Caucus
Saskatchewan Power Corporation
Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation
SaskEnergy Incorporated
SecurTek Monitoring Solutions Inc.
St. Louis Alcoholism Centre Board of Governors
Sun Country Regional Health Authority
Tourism Authority
TransGas Limited
Wakamow Valley Authority
Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority
Wascana Centre Authority
Western Development Museums
The Workers’ Compensation Board
The Government of Saskatchewan with respect to the following individuals:

  • Assistant Chief Electoral Officer
  • Chief Electoral Officer
  • Children’s Advocate
  • Conflict of Interest Commissioner
  • Director of Residential Tenancies
  • Information and Privacy Commissioner
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • Members of the Public Service of Saskatchewan as defined by The Public Service Act, 1998 excluding employees covered by the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union
  • Ombudsman
  • Provincial Auditor
  • Supervising Justice of the Peace, appointed under section 3 of The Justices of the Peace Act, 1988