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Leadership Team

Senior Management Committee

PEBA’s Senior Management Committee (SMC) leads the agency and oversees pension and benefit program administration. SMC includes seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. They focus on organizational strategy, financial stewardship and risk management.

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips

Assistant Deputy Minister

Jeremy is the head of the Public Employees Benefits Agency.

In this role, Jeremy oversees the administration of 12 pension plans and 23 benefit plans with a total value of more than $15 billion. This includes the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP), Canada’s largest defined contribution plan. He also oversees the activities of 150 employees across eight operational branches.

Jeremy joined PEBA in 2018 as Executive Director of Client Service. In this role, he managed client service for more than 100,000 members and 900 employers.

Jeremy has worked in the Saskatchewan public service since 1998. He has an extensive background in senior leadership, and in information technology and security.

Jeremy has a graduate degree in Public Administration and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Regina.

Adrienne Billings

Adrienne Billings

Director, Benefit Programs

Adrienne is Director of Benefit Programs. She joined PEBA in 2022.

In this role, Adrienne oversees benefits programs ranging from health care to disability to group life for more than 80,000 member accounts. This includes almost $300 million in assets and more than $60 million in benefit payments annually.

She works with both global benefits providers and employers from across Saskatchewan.

Adrienne has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan since 2016. Prior to joining PEBA she worked at the Ministry of Finance as a Project Manager in the Office of Planning, Performance and Improvement.

Adrienne holds a Master of Public Administration from the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Regina.

Pam Bristol

Pam Bristol

Director, Education and Engagement

Pam is the Director of Education and Engagement. She joined PEBA in 2022.

Pam is responsible for PEBA’s digital and traditional communications and engagement strategies, as well as member and stakeholder relations.

The Education and Engagement team informs members about their pension plan and educates them on retirement planning and financial wellness through all stages of their plan membership. The team also provides information and services to over 900 plan employers and other stakeholders.

Pam has two decades of experience in marketing and communications including strategic communications for a national financial institution and marketing the Province of Saskatchewan in international markets.

She is accredited through the International Association of Business Communicators, recently completed a certificate in digital marketing through the University of Saskatchewan, and has an undergraduate degree in journalism and communications from the University of Regina.

Tricia Brown

Tricia Brown

Director, Policy and Governance

Tricia joined PEBA in 2019 and is the Director of Policy and Governance.

Prior to joining PEBA, Tricia worked as a consultant and analyst for the Government of Saskatchewan and a manager for the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Tricia oversees policy, research and governance services for PEBA and more than 30 pension and benefit plan boards and commissions. This includes analysis and recommendations related to policy and legislative changes and best practices.

Tricia has a graduate degree in Economics and an undergraduate degree in Arts from the University of Regina.

Dan Gudmundson

Dan Gudmundson

Director, Finance and Corporate Services

Dan has been the Director of Finance and Corporate Services since 2016. He joined PEBA in 2010.

Prior to PEBA, Dan worked with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations and Canada Life.

At PEBA, Dan oversees financial planning and reporting activities related to the Agency’s $30 million annual operating budget. He also oversees the preparation of 24 separate financial statements for various pension and benefit plans.

Dan is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Gary Hutch

Gary Hutch

Executive Director, Investment Services

Gary is the Executive Director of Investment Services.

He has 25 years of institutional investment experience, and joined PEBA in 2005. Since 2016, Gary has led investment strategy, implementation, monitoring and reporting activities for the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP) and Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan (MEPP).

He oversees the work of more than 70 external investment managers in asset classes ranging from Canadian and foreign equities to real estate to private markets.

PEPP has over 69,000 members and more than $11.5 billion in assets, and is Canada’s largest defined contribution pension plan. MEPP has over 26,500 members and $3.5 billion in assets.

Gary is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Regina.

Hanna Karman

Hanna Karman

Executive Advisor for the Head of the Public Employees Benefits Agency

Hanna is the Executive Advisor for the head of the Public Employees Benefits Agency. She joined PEBA in 2016.

Hanna supports the Senior Management Committee in their roles administrating 12 pension and 23 benefit plans, with a focus on planning, coordination, accountability and reporting.

Prior to joining PEBA, Hanna worked for the Canadian Association of Pipeline Landowners Association. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Regina.

Tyler Lecouffe

Tyler LeCouffe

Director, Digital Business and Information Services

Tyler joined PEBA in 2021 as Director of Digital Business and Information Services.

Tyler oversees business, application and product support as well as digital operations. In this role, he provides enabling technology to the Agency in partnership with national and international firms.

Prior to joining PEBA, Tyler worked with major Crown corporations as a consultant and as a business owner.

Tasha Lupanko

Tasha Lupanko

Executive Director, Client Service

Tasha is the Executive Director of Client Service. She joined PEBA in 2019.

Tasha is responsible for creating positive experiences for more than 100,000 pension plan members and 900 employers. This includes 50,000 personal member interactions annually.

She oversees more than $600 million in member and employer pension contributions and $400 million in pension payments annually.

Tasha has an extensive background in customer engagement in the private and government sectors. She holds her professional accreditation from the International Association of Business Communicators.

Megan Siller

Megan Siller

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Megan has been the Senior Human Resource Business Partner since January 2020.

In this role, Megan supports the Agency's HR unit with the Government of Saskatchewan. She joined the public service in 2014.

She has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Regina.

Kelly Snowden

Kelly Snowden

Director, Pension Administration

Kelly has been the Director of Pension Administration since April 2022.

In this role, Kelly oversees the teams that provide direct support to our pension plan members, performing the day-to-day administrative operations.

Kelly joined PEBA in 2007 as an employer contact for PEPP. For the past twelve years Kelly worked in PEBA’s Policy and Governance in support of the governing bodies of the pension plans.

Kelly holds a Master’s Certificate in Public Policy Analysis and a Pension Plan Administration Certificate (PPAC) and a certificate in Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS). Kelly is currently working towards a Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS).