In a defined benefit pension plan, you contribute a percentage of your pay to the plan on a regular, usually monthly, basis. Upon your retirement, you are entitled to a pension based on a formula which consists in part of your salary and years of service. Upon your termination or death, the benefit payable can be based on a formula or a payout of some kind, depending upon which defined benefit plan you are participating in.

In a defined contribution pension plan, you contribute a percentage of your pay to the plan. The employer typically makes a contribution of at least 1% of pay on your behalf at the same time the employer remits your contribution to the pension plan. Upon retirement, you purchase the retirement benefit that best meets your personal needs.

Government-based organizations (i.e. Crown Corporation, Board or Agency) in Saskatchewan and/or a community-based organizations receive funding from the Government of Saskatchewan, may make an inquiry to the Public Employees Benefits Agency to participate in any one or more of the plans it administers.


Contacts are:


Benefit Programs

Director, Benefit Programs (306) 787-3745


Public Employees Pension Plan

Plan Manager (306) 787-3704


Municipal Employees' Pension Plan

Plan Manager (306) 787-5354


Employers may be eligible to join the Municipal Employees' Pension Plan if they represent a village, town, city, rural municipality, northern village, northern hamlet, northern settlement, board of education of a school division, board of trustee of a school division, conseil scolaire or a francophone education area, conseil general, board of a rural telephone company, regional public library or union hospital district, all in the Province of Saskatchewan, or a member of The Saskatchewan School Boards Association, The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, The Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association, The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Telephone Companies, or a group or organization designated by regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Contact your Human Resources Branch for this information. By knowing your classification and employment status, your Human Resources Branch can quickly advise you of your benefit entitlements.


Generally, Saskatchewan government employees participate in a pension plan, group life insurance plan, dental plan, disability income plan, deferred salary leave plan and an extended health-care plan. The plans you participate in depend on whether you are an in-scope or out-of-scope employee.