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With PEBA, you have the opportunity to advance in your area of specialization while gaining expertise in a growing industry.

At PEBA, you will have a chance to get involved and provide value to the organization while pursuing self-fulfillment.

Our Work Environment

PEBA's success is a result of the contributions and achievements of every employee.

We Value Our Employees

Actively recognize individual, team, branch and corporate success;
are a leader in offering training to our staff; and
offer excellent opportunities for career advancement and development.

We Strive For Excellence

PEBA strives to provide excellent service based on a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of our clients.

Diversity, Respect and Inclusion

We are building a workforce that reflects diverse backgrounds, perspectives and approaches.

PEBA Encourages Innovation

We offer a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation to improve the performance of the plans and service to clients.

We provide leadership in developing and implementing innovative solutions in the pension and benefits industry.


Working at PEBA is more than just a job

We offer jobs that will fit your career goals.
PEBA has a work environment that supports you in finding a balance between work and life.

We have a dynamic team of almost 150 staff.

  • a friendly, team-oriented work environment;
  • career development, advancement and learning opportunities;
  • comprehensive benefits package; and
  • flexible working hour arrangements.

A future

The pension and benefits industry is growing, with an increasing number of people planning to retire or investing in various retirement plans. At PEBA, you can develop a rewarding career by helping people to prepare for retirement and to take advantage of benefits available to them.

Building a Retirement

PEBA helps members prepare for retirement through:

  • pension plan contributions;
  • retirement planning assistance;
  • a full spectrum of pension benefits information; and
  • specialized staff.

Specializing in an Increasingly Important Industry

As society's baby boomers get older, interest in pension and retirement benefits is growing. As part of our team you will:

  • gain valuable knowledge of pension and benefits plans, investment funds and products, retirement and investment planning, and
  • acquire expertise and be able to build a career in a prominent industry.

Career Areas

Our organization is made up of:

  • Pension Plans
  • Benefit Programs
  • Executive Services
  • Policy and Legislative Services
  • Corporate Services including: Finance, Planning and Accountability and Support Services
  • Investment Services
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance

Job Opportunities

PEBA job opportunities are advertised through the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission website