Facts About PEBA

Public Employees Benefits Agency (PEBA) administers programs that cover a broad range of employees including the Government of Saskatchewan, certain provincial crown corporations and municipal governing bodies.  Such governing bodies include Saskatchewan cities, towns, villages, rural municipalities, school divisions, regional libraries, colleges and other designated organizations and agencies.

Combined assets of the Plans administered by PEBA are approximately $15 billion.  PEBA operates on a revolving fund basis and allocates operating costs to the Plans that incur the expenses.

PEBA serves over 100,000 active, inactive and deferred members, pensioners, surviving spouses and dependents who are members/beneficiaries of the following pension plans:

•    Anti-Tuberculosis League Superannuation Plan
•    Capital Pension Plan
•    Judges  of the Provincial Court Superannuation Plan
•    Liquor Board Superannuation Plan
•    Members of the Legislative Assembly Benefits
•    Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan
•    Public Employees Pension Plan
•    Public Service Superannuation Plan
•    Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund
•    Saskatchewan Transportation Company Employees Superannuation Plan
•    Saskatchewan Government Insurance Superannuation Plan
•    The Power Corporation Superannuation Plan

PEBA administers the following employee benefit programs:

Additional Pension Contribution Program
•    Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan Benefits Plan
•    Extended Health Care Plan
•    Extended Health Care Plan for Certain Other Employees
•    Extended Health Care Plan for Certain Other Retired Employees
•    Extended Health Care Plan for Retired Employees
•    Government of Saskatchewan and Canadian Union of Public Employees Local No. 600-3 and Local No. 600-5 Benefit Plans’ Surplus Fund
•    Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union Benefit Plans’ Surplus Fund
•    Government of Saskatchewan Scheduled Aircraft Plan
•    Government of Saskatchewan Unscheduled Aircraft Plan
•    Public Employees Deferred Salary Leave Plan
•    Public Employees Dental Plan
•    Public Employees Disability Income Plan
•    Public Employees Group Life Insurance
•    Saskatchewan Government Insurance Service Recognition Plan
•    Saskatchewan Government Superannuation Plan
•    Saskatchewan Water Corporation Retirement Allowance Plan
•    SaskEnergy Retiring Allowance Plan
•    SaskPower Designated Employee Benefit Plan
•    SaskPower Millennium Plan
•    SaskPower Severance Pay Credits Plan
•    SaskPower Supplementary Superannuation Plan
•    Sasktel Retirement Gratuity Plan
•    Water Security Agency of Saskatchewan Retirement Allowance Plan

PEBA was established in 1983 as a branch of the Department of Revenue and Financial Services to administer Government of Saskatchewan employees' pension and benefit plans.  In 1987, PEBA transferred to the Ministry of Finance.