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Employer Bulletins

Employer bulletins provide general information about the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP) and its operation.

Employer Bulletins (2020)

  • Business as usual, how to set up EFT or OBP, Layoff vs. Termination vs. LOA
  •  Plan Registration Number and T4 Information, Remitting Contribution

Employer Bulletins (2019)

  • Changes to PEPP Steps and temporary service interruption.
  •   April 2019

    Welcome back Jennifer and discover contribution limits for 2019.

PEPP Renewal Project Bulletins (2018/19)

  •   October 2018

    Detailed file specifications for the new PEPP administration system.

  •   June 2018

    An improved system to enhance your service from PEPP!

Employer Bulletins (2018)

  •   October 2018

    E-banking takes the worry out of submitting contributions on time.

  •   August 2018

    From time to time pension plans need to evolve.

  •   June Update

    PEPP’s Customer Focus Coordinators (CFCs) are here to help!

  •   April 2018

    One in three workers struggle with their finances.

Employer Bulletins (2017)