MEPP Employer Bulletins


  • Winter 2016

    Employer Administrative Fees, Potential Hours, 2016 Year-end Information, New Payroll Deduction Form, Pension Adjustment Calculator
  • Fall 2016

    Great news: You will no longer be required to report potential hours!
  • Summer 2016

    MEPP is now on Facebook and Twitter!, Casual Employees, Certifying Documents, Update Your Contact Information, Employer Administrative Fees, Potential Hours


  • Winter 2015

    New look!, 2015 Year-end information, Pension Adjustment Calculator, 2016 Contribution Rates, Holiday Season office hours
  • Fall 2015

    Contribution Rates, Retiring Employees, Original Forms, Submitting Documents, Upcoming Workshops
  • Spring 2015

    Potential Hours, Unpaid Leave, For Members on Sick/Disability Leaves, Update Your Contact Information