Retirement and Financial Literacy

Submitted by PEBA on November 21, 2019

MEPP Nov 21

Retirement planning is an important part of your financial literacy, whether you are just starting your career or nearing retirement. After you have managed your daily finances, paid off your debt, made secure investments, your goal is to start saving for the future, which for many is retirement. Understanding your pension and retirement savings plans and how they work will help you to be financially prepared for a comfortable retirement.

We understand that managing money can be stressful and thinking about retirement can be out of mind. We want to you to learn about your pension plan so you can be as well prepared as you can before you retire. We are committed to helping you understand your workplace pension plan, the retirement options available to you, along with providing you financial planning skills.

To help you reach your goal of retiring:

  1. Learn more about your workplace pension plan, MEPP. Read up on how MEPP works, your retirement options and much more. Take some time to read the resources available to you help you understand how MEPP is key in helping you save for retirement on top of your personal savings.
  2. Create a retirement plan.  Start with painting a picture of how you want to spend your retirement and what your goals are. Watch MEPP’s Creating a Retirement Plan video to help guide you through the steps before retirement.  Click here to watch video.
  3. Contact MEPP’s Retirement Information Consultants or Pension Information Officers to answer questions regarding your pension plan or to help you with your financial goals and retirement planning. Click here to contact MEPP.

Remember, financial literacy is not only important to help you reach your goals; it is important for your financial well-being too. 

Happy Financial Literacy Month!


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