Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Extended Health Plan/Group number plan number varies:

  • PS/GE SGEU and CUPE 600-3 or 600-5 ** GWL Plan #168850
  • Out-of-Scope (Management) ** GWL Plan #168853
  • Your ID number is located on your 3-in-1 drug card.

Send your EHCP health claims to:


The Great-West Life Assurance Company

Attn: Regina Benefit Payment Office

PO Box 4408

Regina SK S4P 3W7

To find out if your health claims have been processed, you can call GWL directly:

Toll Free No: 1-800-957-9777

Any child or step-child is covered under the EHCP to age 21.

Children are also covered to age 26 if attending university or college full-time. Details on dependent eligibility can be found in the EHCP Booklet.

To find out if your spouse and children are enrolled in the EHCP, contact your Human Resources or Payroll Administration Branch. Those branches will be able to confirm your dependents; your type of coverage and the effective date of your coverage.

A detailed listing of eligible expenses under the EHCP is found in the EHCP booklet on the website.

View Publications.

Yes there is travel coverage under the EHCP. The coverage is found under - Extended Health Care Travel Benefits & 24-Hour Travel Assistance Services. See details in the plan booklets.

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If you want to continue Extended Health Care coverage upon retirement – you must complete the application form (available from your Human Resources or Payroll Administration Branch).

The cost of the premiums is paid wholly by the retiree.

  • Out-of-Scope (Management) Retirees ** GWL Plan #168854
  • PS/GE SGEU Retirees ** GWL Plan #168851
  • CUPE 600-3 or 600-5 Retirees ** GWL Plan #168852

Please refer to the Co-ordination of Benefits page to determine whether you can co-ordinate benefits with your spouse.